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do you have questions.

I don't know how many times I get phone calls from diggers who have all read the "internet" on how to dig crystals and what to expect..  

First of all.  Every crystal mine is different.  Every mountain is different.  The crystals are different and the operation is different..  If you have had a bad experience with one, doesn't necessarily mean you are going to have a bad experience with the next..  Also, NOT all places are going to be your cup of tea..  So before you get upset and start having a bad time, talk to the people running the mine, when at the mine.  They are your biggest help.  

No, we are not in a cave..  It is basically a strip pit type operation.

No, not all areas are available for you to dig in..  Forest Service and MSHA have special rules that we have to abide by.  If not, they will shut us down and no one digs...

Not all mines have sandstone seams..  We are shale, quartz and crystal.  We have more mineral on our crystals and it is a whole new experience than other mines..

No, we do not salt the mine..  Crystals are out there somewhere and we can help learn how to find them but we don't have a clue where the best ones are at..  We do not go thru the dirt before we toss it behind us.. We leave that for you.

When you pull up to a miners operation, please do not insult them by telling them they don't have crystals in their mine because the dirt isn't the right color..  I hear constantly how the dirt is suppose to be a certain color for good crystals.  At our mine, peanut butter type clay is best but it comes in all colors..  

We do not blast.

Not all websites have the right information..  What was good information 15 yrs ago, doesn't apply to todays mining operation..  Again, MSHA tells us what we can and cannot do.  Forest Service also tells us what we can and cannot do.  These are to Federal Agencies that do not get along. 

We do not recommend pick axes.

The large boulders are not geodes.  Please do not break your sledge hammers to break open a rock that is solid. 

In the event of a thunderstorm.  Please go to your vehicle and remain there for at least 30 minutes to the last lightening strike.  If it is going to be an all day event ask the mine operator how they operate the rest of the day..  DO NOT TEMP FATE by standing on the hill top with a metal digger bar in your hand and temp nature..  That is the quickest way to get hurt or told to leave...

more to come..  if you have any you would like to put in here, shoot me an email.

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